Important Update: Australian Tax Residency Rules – What You Need to Know

We have some important updates regarding the previously announced modernisation of the Australian tax residency rules. It’s crucial that you’re informed about these developments to ensure you don’t miss out on any potential implications.

Key Points:

  • The latest updates on Australian tax residency rules are in, and they deserve your attention.
  • We are revisiting the proposed changes to Australian Tax residency, despite the earlier belief that these rules might have been put to rest.
  • In this video and blog, I will discuss the most recent developments in the Australian tax residency landscape and provide guidance on how you can safeguard yourself against the potential application of these rules.


In 2021, the former Government introduced their vision for modernising the individual tax residency framework. This proposal was based on recommendations from the Board of Taxation’s 2019 report, “Individual Tax Residency Rules – a model for modernisation”.

However, since 2021, the topic seemed to fade from the spotlight until recently. The ATO’s new tax ruling 2023/1, outlining their current interpretation of tax residency laws, made me believe that perhaps this topic was resolved. Unfortunately, the world of Australian tax is not always that straightforward.

Current Status:

It’s important to note that the framework outlined in the 2021 paper has not yet received government approval and is not legally binding as of now.

Treasury has initiated a consultation process to gather feedback, which will subsequently inform the government’s decision on whether to proceed with these proposed changes.

New Insights:

What’s particularly concerning is the concept of “Adhesive Residency,” which the consultation paper discusses. The paper suggests that it should be more challenging to cease being a tax resident than to become one. It’s a matter that’s already a reality, and this potential shift warrants our careful attention. For a comprehensive understanding, I highly recommend reading the consultation paper, which I’ve linked below.


If you are an Australian tax resident, considering leaving Australia, or contemplating ceasing your Australian tax residency, time is of the essence. The consultation period concludes in September 2023, with potential implementation as early as July 2024.

Get Informed:

If you’re keen to dive deeper into this matter, or if you’re seeking advice on how to best navigate these evolving tax residency rules, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly. We are here to help you make informed decisions.

Please watch our video on this topic to gain a better insight into this. Please contact us or book an appointment to chat.