Mastering Tax Optimisation: How to Achieve a 0% Worldwide Tax Rate from Thailand 

0% Tax in Thailand

Are you tired of high taxes and looking for effective strategies and insights for legally minimising your taxes in Australia, as well as worldwide? In this blog, we will explore how moving to Thailand, setting up cost-effective structures, and utilising the unique aspects of the Thai tax system. 

Understanding the Thai Tax System 

Thailand’s tax system operates on a worldwide basis, but it incorporates a distinctive feature known as the remittance-based tax system. Under this system, you are only required to pay taxes on the income brought into the country. By structuring your finances strategically, you can potentially pay low taxes on profits earned abroad through an overseas company. 

A Real-Life Example 

To illustrate this strategy, let us consider a real-life scenario. Imagine you are an Australian tax resident seeking to pay less tax and exit the Australian tax system. Here is one way in which our client achieved this: 

  1. Secure a Thai Elite Visa: Apply for the five-year Thai Elite Visa, granting you the right to reside in Thailand for an extended period. 
  1. Set Up a US LLC: Establish a US Limited Liability Company (LLC) that allows you to conduct your business operations from Thailand.

By utilising this “look through entity” LLC structure, you can generate income in the United States while residing in Thailand. Since you will not repatriate any income to Thailand, you can take advantage of the remittance-based tax system, resulting in you paying less tax and there will be no tax obligations in Thailand, the US, or Australia. 

This strategy significantly reduces your global tax burden while granting you financial flexibility. However, it is crucial to tailor your approach to your unique circumstances for optimal results. Our example above may not suit your situation. 

We acknowledge that every individual’s financial situation differs, which is why we emphasise the importance of creating personalised solutions aligned with your specific goals and circumstances. 


Thailand’s remittance-based tax system presents a remarkable opportunity to achieve a low worldwide tax rate. By relocating to Thailand, obtaining a Thai Elite Visa, and establishing a US LLC, you can legally minimise your tax liabilities across the globe. 

If you are eager to learn more about how to exit the Australian tax system and pay less tax, do not miss our video here. Feel free to ask any questions or seek personalised assistance. We are here to guide you on your journey to tax optimisation. 



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